It wasn’t that merchants wanted P2PE, rather they wanted the massive compliance simplification and risk reduction that P2PE promised to provide. PCI SAQ P2PE-HW is the Self-Assessment Questionnaire form to be used for merchants who process cardholder data only via hardware payment terminals within a validated and PCI-SSC listed Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. All payment processing is through a validated PCI P2PE solution approved and listed by the PCI SSC. <>>> When you inquire, "Which SAQ is right for me?" Payment Security. La norme PCI DSS est une norme relative à la sécurité multifacette qui inclut des exigences pour la gestion de la sécurité, les politiques, les procédures, l'architecture du réseau, la conception des logiciels et d'autres mesures de protection essentielles. It's that simple! <> PCI SAQ P2PE is designed for merchants using approved* point-to-point encryption (P2PE) devices with no electronic data storage. endobj P2PE: It is claimed that using P2PE reduces the scope of your PCI DSS assessment. When the PCI Council announced P2PE in 2011, there was an immediate and huge demand for approved P2PE solutions. Establish a policy for stolen and replaced devices: Establish a procedure for what employees should do when they discover a device has been stolen or replaced. Below is an example of some of the questions you will answer for the SAQ P2PE: There are several answers to each question on the SAQ P2PE form where you can indicate your company’s status regarding the requirement. Unlike other SAQs that list questions based on PCI DSS requirements, the questions found in the SAQ P2PE correspond to the P2PE Instruction Manual (PIM) requirements. PCI Compliance – Completing an SAQ P2PE This is the last merchant self-assessment questionnaire to cover in our series going through the organizational requirements to use each of the SAQs. SAQ P2PE – Transactions are performed using the P2PE Solution specified in PCI SSC. <> You can check our PCI DSS SAQ article to review all PCI SAQ types and get detailed information. endobj <> endobj Additional tips for PCI DSS compliance with SAQ P2PE, Firewall Rule Base Review and Security Checklist. endobj 14 0 obj 13 0 obj SAQ P2PE. 15 0 obj endobj Are devices that collect card data through physical contact protected from tampering and tampering? Train employees at least every three months: Your employees need to be aware of and comply with security policies and procedures. PCI P2PE SAQ is designed for merchants using a P2PE solution for payment transactions. It requires that payment card data be encrypted immediately upon use with the merchant’s point-of-sale terminal and cannot be decrypted until securely transported to and processed by the payment processor. Merchants wishing to use SAQ P2PE must meet payment brand requirements for using an SAQ, and must also confirm that they: Are using a validated * PCI P2PE solution (per the PCI P2PE Program Guide). How you process credit cards and manage cardholder data will decide which SAQ your company needs to complete. 10 0 obj This information should not be copied or accessible online. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The P2PE SAQ is for merchants that use a P2PE solution for their payment transactions. x��]XW׾A������`� For example, a mail/phone order vendor may be eligible for SAQ P2PE if it receives cardholder data on paper or phone and processes it only on an approved P2PE hardware device. <> Vulnerability scanning refers to quarterly external vulnerability scans of networks that must be performed by a PCI approved vendor – known as an Approved Scanning Vendor. Therefore, we recommend that you seek guidance from your acquiring organization or QSA when in doubt. Le SAQ P2PE a été élaboré pour répondre aux conditions applicables aux commerçants qui traitent les données de titulaires de carte uniquement par des terminaux de paiement matériels inclus dans une solution de cryptage point en point (P2PE) listée par PCI. Addition of SAQ P2PE-HW for merchants who process cardholder data only via hardware payment terminals included in a validated and PCI SSC-listed PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. SAQ P2PE Policy for Document Purpose The purpose of this policy is to establish a security posture for the interaction of cardholder data and reduce the burden of the implementation and management of PCI of applicable controls required by the most current version of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We’ve essentially taken each of the above SAQ reporting platforms (SAQ A – D, P2PE-HW) and developed PCI policies and procedures specific to each of them, providing you exactly what’s needed from a policy requirement for PCI. SAQ P2PE merchants must meet the following eligibility criteria for payment channels: It should be noted that SAQ P2PE is not valid for e-commerce businesses. endobj Penchons-nous maintenant sur les raisons qui pourraient mener les entreprises à adopter cette solution. Communicate SAQ and Confirmation of Conformity (AOC) and any other requested documentation to the recipient, your payment brand, or other requestors. %PDF-1.5 Not applicable to e-commerce merchants. How to Complete the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire P2PE? stream First, determine the applicable SAQ for your environment. If there are PCI DSS requirements that apply to your environment and are not covered by this SAQ, it means that the PCI SAQ P2PE is not suitable for your environment. P2PE: Merchants using only hardware payment terminals included in and managed via a validated, PCI SSC-listed Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution, with no electronic cardholder data storage. February 2014 3.0 To align content with PCI DSS v3.0 requirements and Compared to SAQ D, which has 329 questions, SAQ P2PE has only 33 questions and doesn’t require a vulnerability scan or a penetration test. endstream PCI SAQ P2PE-HW – No vulnerability scans or penetration tests necessary. Number of Questions: 33; Vulnerability Scan Requirements: No; Penetration Testing Requirements: No *P2PE devices must be validated PCI P2PE hardware payment terminals only: SAQ D: Merchants . The PCI DSS requirements apply to all system components, including people, processes and technologies that store, process or transmit cardholder data or sensitive authentication data, included in or connected to the cardholder data environment. You have entered an incorrect email address! SAQ P2PE is for merchants using approved point-to-point encryption (P2PE) devices, with no electronic card data storage. Il protège les terminaux et les transactions par carte contre la falsification des appareils et la violation des données. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3 0 obj SAQ D – If you are not eligible for any of the above SAQ types. We would love to hear from you! Tout traitement de paiement est effectué par la solution P2PE approuvée par le PCI SSC (selon les critères ci-dessus). A firewall policy specifies how firewalls can manage network traffic based on the organization's information security policies for different IP addresses and address ranges, protocols, applications and content types. We’ve talked a lot about why it’s so important to try and reduce scope and use the right SAQ for the payment channels utilized by your organization. x��W]o�F}G�?̣�����x�(RٖU�& j��`��X{�����{ lJP�13���u�0�Y7�K>o����i��[�`ϣY���h���=�e�7e]]_��ɘ�Ά��gɤ�R���p ���d�q-s�sg�l5���_��������pp������طu�ԫ����#tŅ2L��)?�Fv?�N����2.��EkW��Nr�.1)�!�ܟ$i��J�!⊂o���Dy���=�&Z� \����q��m��)�i��/��dӬ��c_#�`�Z���k'��)�Ii��,=$�\�w@).�n�$o�@Ξ����b��uT6���sQ�,r��W,H�+�����]��樨~&R��#m��2;*�'�[,_4�T5�]{km6�h��ͪ��i�F��m6��=/�Y]A��Cr�b���|7�D�Z���?I�-~�6����L�>5��#m.��"W�I��طwc�_�b)��KZE�E�3h�.������kN�\�^bN��+�M/�d�F��\_d�^*"�h���z '��a�����m�vSV���P�H��Z��ƴB�* r�����U��R�Y+Q��*+j�e�d�\�������P�%�,FY�Rh1��yz[��ߟX�kR'����Tsm�>�c�CNp�˧���d=+%�l]B0�k6��E"�Z��}�v`Ǎ�਌P�RҌqHR0c��Q��kÐ���*�6\v��s�Q�;kI>0�x�J΍'5b/��Y��4u� �p:vL��駔/�[I�˳>Q�FC�뎥+!n������u�.���A�@����Ѹ�$��p`w;0dK�r�l�!Fq#��9��@���oxi���V��`�VF?�c���kH)����.�����EE:�����9΀Md�.5�>n�3X�\J��?���?�� ����T�/��Z'��OdR�И�ܤ]cvsy�x�{�A�ޅ��u� Q=kk����������1��ƒ��Y$�.��T�gIf�Q%A^���e��Kb� ���&����#B�֪&�@r�OW�b�9���!C ��]dR�5�Ñ��C�Y�OV�(�$��dsL�p#DC�A���Qa� G�4�L٤f�;�� ���� 5 0 obj <> Nous vous en disons davantage sur le chiffrement P2PE dans cet article Adyen propose ces deux types de cryptage. Merchant must not otherwise receive cardholder data or transmit it electronically. endobj Checklist of firewall security controls along with developing best practices for auditing to ensure continued PCI compliance. Le PCI est un organisme indépendant qui veille à la sécurité des paiements en ligne et en magasin. It can apply to both brick-and-mortar (card present) and mail/telephone order (card-not-present) merchants. Many organisations are starting to adopt P2PE technologies as a de-scoping strategy for card-present (CP) channels. endobj <> Acquirers ASV Breaches Cloud Council Data Breaches Data Storage Ecommerce EMV Encryption Firewalls Incident Response ISOs level 4 Merchants Mobile P2PE PA-DSS Payment Application PCI 3.0 PCI 3.1 PCI Risk Penetration Testing POS QSA Remote Access Requirement 11.2 Requirement 11.3 SAQ SAQ A SAQ A-EP SAQ B SAQ C SAQ D Security Awareness Service Providers Small Business SMB SSC … Does cardholder data require unique storage requirements? Therefore, it is essential to be careful when choosing your point-to-point encryption solution and select a PCI certified solution. 8 0 obj Merchants can significantly reduce the amount of SAQ questions they have to answer using the P2PE solution. Has an incident response plan been created to be executed in the event of a violation? stream D: SAQ D for Merchants: All merchants not included in descriptions for the above SAQ types. Without P2PE you would need to complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire D (SAQ D). There are only 33 questions in SAQ P2PE. Le SAQ P2PE-HW a été élaboré pour répondre aux conditions applicables aux commerçants qui traitent les données de titulaires de carte uniquement par des terminaux de paiement matériels inclus dans une solution de cryptage point en point (P2PE) listée par PCI. For merchants that select a P2PE solution from PCI’s approved list, the advantages can be significant. All SAQ P2PE questions can be answered “Yes or No,” and a summary of PIM requirements. This is the most demanding form of self-certification with the full set of over 200 requirements. Benefits of P2PE. By doing so, they greatly reduce the number of SAQ questions they have to fill out. PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) are assessment forms designed to help merchants and service providers self-assess their PCI DSS compliance. P2PE device vendors must place keys at each terminal during manufacture and maintain a detailed chain of custody when shipped and installed to the merchant. <> <> Do security policies and procedures clearly define obligations for all personnel regarding information security? The small number of questions makes PCI compliance much easier and faster for vendors using P2PE. ��ر���]E�����cL1�4cʗ/�Kbzb��ӛ)��c� ���ٙ�]�/;��,�}�ン3w�ܹ��s�=�\�8� ��I<. SAQ P2PE includes fewer criteria than other SAQs because it deals with card data over a PCI certified P2PE solution, thereby avoiding specific potential security concerns. A PCI penetration test is a “pen test” that has specific requirements under PCI DSS to verify the protection of Cardholder Data. Merchant must store cardholder information only in paper reports or paper receipts. Completing the PCI SAQ form is one-way merchants can demonstrate their compliance with the buyer banks and, therefore, the five founders of the PCI … SAQ P2PE-HW merchants are defined here and in the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire Instructions and Guidelines. The only systems that store, process, or transmit cardholder data in the merchant environment must be Point of Interaction (POI) devices approved for use with the P2PE solution listed in the PCI SSC. Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is an encryption standard established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council. SAQ D for Merchants is for merchants that do not outsource their credit card processing or use a P2PE solution, and may store credit card data electronically. Over the past 15+ years my professional career has included several positions beginning as a developer and IT administrator, working my way up to a senior Technical Performance Consultant before joining Biznet back in 2015. The firewall rule base must be reviewed at least quarterly and the change management process created to add and push the policy to the firewall. Besides, merchants should not store any cardholder data to comply with SAQ P2PE and protect cardholder data using a validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution. endobj there are 9 different SAQs that a merchant and service provider can choose from. I have earned several certifications during my professional career including; CEH, CISA, CISSP, and PCI QSA. Your answers to the items may be “Yes, No, Compensating Control or Not Applicable.” Only one answer should be chosen for each question. You can view the latest (version 3.2.1) PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire P2PE pdf form here. Complete all sections of the SAQ P2PE form. PCI validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution is provided by a third party solution provider, and is a combination of secure devices, applications and processes that encrypt data from the point of interaction (for example, at the point of swipe or dip) until the data reaches the solution provider’s secure decryption environment. You must meet all eligibility requirements for the SAQ option you are targeting, but in some cases, this may not be easy to achieve. <> La solution P2PE offre aux retailers un moyen de réduire la complexité de la conformité PCI. Narrowing down the scope for your organization’s payment channels and using the right SAQ is very important as it will save resources and costs, and SAQ P2PE, in particular, is another excellent example of scope reduction when it comes to maintaining compliance. <> I had several different roles at Biznet, including Penetration Tester and PCI DSS QSA. Providing that the P2PE solution is a PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) validated solution, which is listed here, these merchants will usually be able to align to (self-assessment questionnaire) SAQ P2PE for the CP channel.. De son côté, Adyen offre une solution P2PE certifiée. Please fill in your details and we will stay in touch. With these hardware payment terminals, the card is encrypted as soon as it is swiped on the device. SAQ P2PE has been developed to address requirements applicable to merchants who process cardholder data only via hardware payment terminals included in a validated and PCI-listed Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. Confirm that your environment’s scope is appropriately defined and meets the eligibility criteria for the SAQ you are using. QSAs and ISAs hoped for clear assessment requirements to make their merchant PCI DSS assessments simpler and less ambiguous. Cette norme globale est destinée à aider les organisations à protéger de façon proactive les données de compte des clients. 11 0 obj [ 11 0 R] Merchants can significantly reduce the amount of SAQ questions they have to answer using the P2PE solution. endobj PCI DSS Version SAQ Revision Description N/A 1.0 Not used. Fewer Applicable Requirements At only 33 questions, the SAQ P2PE is much smaller than any of the other card-present SAQs—over 90% reduction in applicable controls. <> In the traditional payments value chain, this is true. The full SAQ-D form must be used if the P2PE solution is not PCI-validated, which takes considerably longer to complete and requires 330+ questions to be answered. The level of classification defines what an organization has to do to remain compliant. Below are a few of these benefits. endobj I've been working inside InfoSec for over 15 years, coming from a highly technical background. This new SAQ type has been introduced for merchants who process card data only via payment terminals included in a validated and PCI SSC-listed Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. If you are not using an approved encryption provider for SAQ P2PE, your PCI compliance will also be impossible. May 2012 2.0 To create SAQ P2PE-HW for merchants using only hardware terminals as part of a validated P2PE solution listed by PCI SSC. … 16 0 obj You can view all approved P2P encryption solutions listed by the PCI Security Standards Council here: PCI SSC Certified P2PE Solutions. Are all media containing card data destroyed when not required, except for commercial or legal reasons? In my job as a QSA, I found my passion and worked closely with the Audit and Compliance team. In this way, it is ensured that the card information remains encrypted from the moment the card is swiped for payment until it reaches the payment processor. <> 7 0 obj Merchant must implement all controls published in the P2PE Instruction Manual (PIM) by the P2PE Solution Provider. Is the card verification code stored on paper after authorization? This document is for use with PCI DSS version 2.0. PCI compliance is divided into four levels, depending on the annual amount of a business process credit or debit card transactions. PCI DSS compliance require the protection of sensitive data with encryption and encryption key management administers the whole cryptographic key lifecycle. To comply with SAQ P2PE, the merchant should not have access to clear-text cardholder data in any computer system and only manage data from a PCI SSC approved P2PE solution through hardware payment terminals. Because the Shift4 solution is PCI-validated, you are eligible to use the simplified SAQ-P2PE form for PCI compliance with only about 30 questions, reduced from over 330. What Other Solutions May Be Missing. Card-present transaction means that SAQ P2PE is not open to the use of e-commerce organizations. April 2015 3.1 To align content with PCI DSS v3.1, including addition of SAQs A-EP and B-IP, and clarify eligibility criteria for existing SAQs. %���� All payment transactions must be made through a PCI P2PE solution listed and approved by PCI SSC. 9 0 obj Assess your environment for compliance with current PCI DSS requirements. <> The critical part of this is that only the payment processor can access the encryption process’s secret key. endobj endobj Are employees trained to be notified of any potential tampering or modification attempts? SAQ P2PE-HW has been developed to address requirements applicable to merchants who process cardholder data only via hardware payment terminals included in a validated and PCI SSC-listed PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. 2 0 obj Le SAQ P2PE a テゥtテゥ テゥlaborテゥ pour rテゥpondre aux conditions applicables aux commerテァants qui traitent les donnテゥes de titulaires de carte uniquement par des terminaux de paiement matテゥriels inclus dans une solution de cryptage point en point (P2PE) listテゥe par PCI. PCI DSS GUIDE's aim is to clarify the process of PCI DSS compliance as well as to provide some common sense for that process and to help people preserve their security while they move through their compliance processes. Section 2 – Questionnaire d’auto-évaluation PCI DSS (SAQ C) Section 3 (Parties 3 & 4 de l’AOC) – Détails de validation et d’attestation, plan d’action pour les conditions de non-conformité (s’il y a lieu) 5. 6 0 obj The only systems in the merchant environment that store, process, or transmit account data are the Point of Interaction (POI) devices, which are approved for use with the validated and PCI-listed P2PE … A passionate Senior Information Security Consultant working at Biznet. Le chiffrement P2PE est un type de cryptage qui a été développé par le Conseil des normes de sécurité PCI. endobj You can complete the SAQ P2PE form by following the steps below in order: Here are additional tips you should consider for SAQ P2PE and PCI DSS compliance: Limit data access: Make sure that physical access to card data is limited to employees who need it. Confirm that you have implemented all the elements of the PIM. 1 0 obj SAQ P2PE is only applicable to merchants using card-present transaction solutions. The PCI SSC Releases its P2PE SAQ July 5, 2012 • Published by David Abouchar Categories Archive, Industry Topics Tags Acquirers, AoC, Council, Encryption, ISOs, Merchants, Mobile, P2PE, P2PE-HW, SAQ, Small Business, Smartphone, SMB, SSC, Tablet. endobj PCI P2PE SAQ is designed for merchants using a P2PE solution for payment transactions. The merchant should not store cardholder data electronically. This SAQ is for use with PCI DSS v2.0. 12 0 obj P2PE-HW: PCI SSC P2PE solution, no electronic cardholder data storage: D: All other merchants and service providers: SAQ Validation Type A (SAQ A) Merchants that have fully outsourced all cardholder data functions to a PCI DSS validated third-party service provider and do not electronically store, process, or transmit cardholder data from the merchant.

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